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Seminar presented by Jane G. Goldberg Ph.D., April 26, 2002
Reviewed by Adam Shechter

“In the introductory portion of her seminar, Jane Goldberg reviewed basic brain neurology. The developing infant’s neurons fire randomly, more than during any other life period, reactively forming patterns in synchronicity with reinforcing parental attention. I cannot help but think that her lecture accomplished a return to this original consciousness. The traditional neural firing patterns, i.e., perceptions of human emotional culture, as currently and historically seated, were tastefully and brilliantly un- and re-connected.

Jane Goldberg gave narrative shape and defining language to an unprecedented configurative region of the psychoanalytic unconscious. In a seamless articulation, the intimacy of the personal word and the incisiveness of the academic word were unified in a singular nurturing expression.

Scaling this complex tower of words, Goldberg shared the psychic experience of her daughter Molly, who once categorized the world of creatures between those who bite and those who lick, cogently reifying the elusive defense of splitting through the actuality of her child. Goldberg recounted a vacation with Molly, during which they lovingly interacted with an esoteric small creature. After traveling back to their hotel with this small creature in the stroller, Molly plucked the creature from its throne and proceeded to crush the life from it with her foot. Again Goldberg vivified the humanness of murder in the purity of the child; this action was framed within the enraging difficulties of separation.

After centuries of no love, and then centuries of idealized romantic love, we are now in a position to look more closely at the honest constituents of our actual loving. We toured the biblical story of Cain, who was understood to have committed the first murder and founded human civilization. At the same time we were reminded that Freud deemed the man who first flung an insult at his enemy, instead of a spear, to be the founder of civilization. The statistics of domestic violence were reviewed, illuminating that safety from destructive hate is still not found in the mythical loving home. Humans do hate one another, and in place of the spear, we can constructively and verbally express this “destructive” emotion to those who are significant in our lives. Goldberg pointed out that the wish to alter our significant others, in whatever way, is essentially a metaphorical murder. She also unraveled a multitude of emotional and physiological truths behind the romantic façade, e.g., falling in love is governed by a time-limited biochemical reality. Moving through these salient tunnels of normally unspoken thought and feeling, Goldberg constructed a full matrix of the various libidinal and social ties humans engage, and the role of aggression in those ties. Not dissimilar to the patient on the couch, Goldberg was theoretician at the podium, articulating a phylogenetic form of Saying Everything.

The fundamental presence of hate in loving relationships was, I gather, the thematic essence of her lecture. Goldberg delicately offered us a peek behind what might be called a false ideology of love, cleansing shame from hate, that all too misunderstood and powerful human emotion.

Though such difficult and “unpleasant” ground was traversed, the mood in the seminar room was not morbid, nor somber, but in fact loving! Her words resonated with a deep hum across the emotional spectrum and allowed for joyous release through laughter. As separation was a central theme of her talk, admittedly, the conclusion was painful. Though now, an emotion, which I have additional neural connections to better understand. I look forward as I believe many others do, to her return.”

Testimonials for Jane G. Goldberg Ph.D.’s Holistic Therapies

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“Your imagination takes you far from the Flatiron District as you nestle into your wicker chair to await our treatment at La Casa Day Spa. The sultry lounge, modeled after the famed Puerto Rican retreat, is designed with lush foliage, white brick walls and bamboo accents. The tropical backdrop helps set the stage for a unique experience that is enhanced by access to the city’s first and only salt sauna and oxygen steam bath.
La Casa’s philosophy centers around holistic healing and promotes detoxification for better health. Founded and directed by author, teacher and practicing psychoanalyst Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. the spa’s vast menu of services includes renewal facials, nurturing massages, colonics and vibrational and frequency therapies as well as floatation. Enter a private, dimly lit chamber, take a cleansing shower and slip into the filtration tub that’s brimming with 10 inches of water mixed with 800 pounds of Epson salts. Aside from attaining a peaceful state, buoyancy offers other benefits, such as regulating blood pressure, promoting circulation and balancing the skin’s pH.”

SPINAL PAIN RELIEVED BY THE METATRON“I have recently experienced vast amounts of back pain in my lower spine area. I was lucky to use Jane Goldberg’s Metatron system to  relieve me from some of my back pain. In seconds, my back felt lighter and less stiff in the hurt area. This machine was able to diagnose my pain and had me feeling better instantly. Thank you for your help, Jane!”
-Lilly Perlstein

“I have been suffering from stomach pain for over a year. I have tried many treatments with very limited success and a lot of frustration. I was referred to Dr. Jane Goldberg for a session with the Metatron. Going into the appointment I had no idea what to expect but I left in awe of how much that machine was able to tell me about my health. It scans your body and pinpoints the pathogens and/or imbalances. It was painless and remarkably accurate. Now that I know the cause of my pain I can move forward with the appropriate treatment. I found Jane to be patient and very knowledgeable on the human body. I will definitely go see her again.”
-Rosa U.

“This is how the story goes: After limping for about a week because my foot just started hurting me out of nowhere and doctor’s recommendation to put ice and give it a rest, my co-worker recommended me to try out pulse-magnetic therapy at La Casa Day Spa. Tell you honestly I was a bit skeptical but I was desperate to walk normal again so I decided to give it a try. After Dr. Jane applied some wires to my foot and heel for 20 minutes, she asked me to test my foot after that.  I was amazed to see that I could step on my foot without any problems. I could walk normally again! I will definitely come back for few more therapies to make sure the pain will not come back!”
-Olga Contreras

“About three weeks ago, I had injured myself quite a bit while playing recreational softball. By the end of the second inning, I had pulled each groin muscle and severely scraped both my right arm and right leg. That night and the next day, the muscle pain was so excruciating that I could hardly walk. The scraped areas where the skin had been removed created a stinging, burning sensation that pulsated up and down both my arm and leg.
Dr. Jane Goldberg, Owner of La Casa Day Spa suggested I try energy healing immediately, as the pain got progressively worse as the day went on. I used the Cemtech device and the results were unbelievable. After 15 minutes of holding a tiny diode in the same spot, centrally located between my groin and knee, I stood up and was able to effortlessly and painlessly walk around again. It was like night and day. I repeated the process once more and the relief this energy healing provided lasted the rest of day and into night. I used it two more times the following day and shortly thereafter, the pain had significantly lessened and my body seemed to have healed the skin wounds much faster as well.
It was astonishing to feel how much pain was instantly reduced after one use of the Cemtech. As I was holding the diode on my body for the first time, I will admit I was skeptical as I have never used healing technology like this before and was in so much pain that I didn’t think anything would be able to make the pain go away (aside from time). Cemtech and energy healing is an amazing process and one that more people should utilize as ingesting synthetic pain relievers does such harm to the body. I am happy to say I did not have to take one Advil while healing from this situation and one week later, I felt 100% better.”
-Andrew D.

“After an emotional roller coaster of dealing with all of life’s heavy tasks, stresses, and feats, I constantly suffer from migraines and headaches on a daily basis.  On a good day, I even tend to have a slight headache.  I am accustomed to popping at least two Tylenol a day to “cure” my painful headaches, however, I’m well aware that my liver is working way too hard to metabolize the Tylenol, and eventually the Tylenol’s long term usage will cause damage to my liver.  To be in pain short-term or long term? That is the question. I’ve always needed a short nap to recover from my migraine, but who honestly has time for a nap nowadays, especially in New York City where time is money.
I was a Pre-med student at the University of Texas, however, the thought of pursuing medicine was daunting to me since I’m not a huge believer in pharmaceutical drugs.  The idea of “curing” a health problem with a pill always seemed too easy instead of diligently examining the lifestyle more closely and fully diagnosing the real problems at stake- such as diet, sleep patterns, etc.  I decided that this career path wasn’t for me, so I moved to New York to pursue my artistic passions instead.
Fortunately, I met an amazingly inspiring and all-knowing woman, Dr. Jane Goldberg, who introduced an alternative, healthier lifestyle for me.  At first, I was a skeptic, like most people would probably be when first thrown into a different dimension of an innovative medical practice. I informed Jane of my terrible migraines that I was experiencing, and she insisted that I try the Cem Tech, a Russian handheld, therapy instrument which communicates directly with the cells in the body using millimeter wave technique. I figured that I had absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Furthermore, the woman has been accurate ever since I’ve met her; I would never accuse her of being wrong now since she’s always right on the money. This woman is a prime example of this modern type of healing technology’s success and results. I’ve never met a more energetic, lively, and intelligent woman at her age-65-yet she has the spirit and vigor of a 25 year old.
After 20 minutes of using the CEM tech, my migraine was miraculously gone. The pain was completely nonexistent. I’ve been using the CEM tech on a regular basis, and my migraines have dissipated. I hope to keep using the CEM tech, but I have a positive feeling that I’ll be migraine free soon. I’m a firm believer now in the Cem Tech.  I’d recommend it to anyone who has doubts of any kind.”
-Kimberly Gifford

“I went to a few colonic places in NY. But I stayed with one where I found the staff to be the most knowledgeable of any of the places I went to. La Casa’s colonics were highly instrumental in saving my colon and promoting my health. The owner of La Casa is a Ph.D. psychoanalyst, and has specialized in working with cancer patients who conceptualize that their cancer has psychosomatic components. My colon therapist actually cured herself TWICE of cancer. Those people really know what they are doing, and have a wealth of therapies available nowhere else.
I have had really serious colitis for many years. I was in the hospital with fever that was close to 105. When I got out I was determined to keep my whole colon, in spite of the recommendations by various physicians for surgery. I began a program of eating healthier, meditation, and colon cleansing through colonics.
If you have any health issues, if you are in need of colon cleansing (who isn’t?), if you want a spring cleaning of your colon – then get to La Casa Day Spa as soon as your feet will get you there.”
-Kelly G.

“I highly recommend La Casa over ANY other spa in NYC. Having colonic treatment is a real positive experience at LaCasa Day Spa. Colonics is the best insurance for a long life – and at La Casa it is pleasant and healing, and makes you want to come back more often. The people who own and manage the place – Dr. Jane Goldberg and Gregg Lalley – are fantastic.  Dr. Goldberg uses her vast and accurate medical/scientific knowledge to create a healing center for the body, mind and soul. The staff is truly dedicated, patient and kind, and the place is welcoming. Gregg makes each experience a personal and pleasurable one. LaCasa creates a natural relaxation that makes you want to come back for more. This is the only spa that has a genuine personal touch with its only goal being to provide a theraputic haven in the hum of life. 5 Stars for sure!”
-Sara S.

“This place saved me from a long term illness that no doctor could fix! Thank you so much Dr. Jane for being such an angel through a rough period of my life and giving me true detox advice on what works! I feel like a new person and will never go anywhere else for coloix or pulse therapy. You have made a new intro to my life and I will always be very grateful to you and your beautiful spa!”
-Can S.

“This is going to be a little outside of the box as far as spas go, but really awesome! I had something done that I didn’t even know existed. I was diagnosed with a knee problem (patello femoral) two years ago and had been experiencing pain ever since. My knee cap is not properly aligned and I have a difficult time keeping my knee bent for long periods of time. I’m 23 and active; exercising is one of my past-times. Having been to physical therapy and practicing the recommended exercises, I had seen only modest recovery. I was having a difficult time sleeping because of the pain. Jane Goldberg told me about the Cem Tech and gave me a treatment. I was naturally a little skeptical. I didn’t notice anything while the machine was on, and I forgot about it after I left her spa. However, that night was the first night I was able to sleep without ANY knee pain. Miracle. Worth a try for any pain/discomfort/bodily affliction you might be struggling with.”
-Claire F.

“I had the good fortune to be given a gift certificate to La Casa. And I spent the most enjoyable day there I have had in months. From the moment I walked in, I knew the place was special. The décor made the front room (very spacious) seem like I was outside – in the tropics I suppose (as I understand the mother spa is in the Puerto Rican rain forest). I had come for a float and a colonic. The float was an experience like nothing I have had before. I floated atop water in a room that was the size of a walk-in closet. I was peaceful and energized all at the same time. I came out feeling utterly revitalized – mind clear as a bell.
The owner of the spa, Dr. Jane Goldberg, says she tries to float every week – and attributes how fantastic she feels (and believe me – she LOOKS great – at 64, she looks 50) – in part to the anti-aging effect of the anti-gravity phenomenon of the float room. And by the way, she spent about a half hour with me after my therapies, just chatting – gave me a free demo of a pulsed magnetic machine – which lightened my load so much that I felt I might waft away into the stratosphere. Then – onward ho to the colonic. Well – can you say a colonic is lovely? This one was quite lovely. Therapist seemed to know instinctively exactly what my body wanted in terms of in-flow and out-flow – gently massaged my legs and abdomen – made me feel like Queen for a Day. Want to feel like Queen for a Day? Go to La Casa Day Spa. Rush over to La Casa Day Spa.”
-Zipi G.

“La Casa Day Spa shouldn’t even be called a day spa. It is so much more. It is a true healing center with true healing therapies. I went in unable to even walk without limping – I couldn’t bend my leg at my knee at all. I met the owner – Jane Goldberg – and she told me – with absolute conviction – no doubt at all in her voice – that she could help me – and that she could help me quickly. She put me on 2 machines that seemed very Star-Trekish  – she said one was a Russian device (called the Cem Tech) -and explained how far ahead of us the Russians are in doing energetic medicine. The other machine was bigger and apparently used magnetic energy (called the pulsed magnetic machine).
After both treatments she made me walk around – and voila – no pain, I was walking bending my knee. Truly – nothing short of miraculous. She sent me out with a little disc that she told me to wear – and then told me to come back the next day to get it revitalized. I did all of the above – and – I have to say – I have never had an experience like this before. A painful inflammation in my knee – gone in a poof. The treatments took altogether 30 minutes. I am good as new. Really  – I don’t understand it – but La Casa Day Spa is my new home. Also – the ambiance is quite wonderful. You do not know you are in NYC while you’re there. The sounds, scents, plants, furniture – all designed to give you a feeling of being in a tropical garden – and you do. Best healing experience I have had since I moved to NY from Israel.”
-Muli G.

“Today I had an phenomenal experience at La Casa Spa in New York with Dr. Goldberg.  I scheduled an appointment for the Magnetic Pulse Therapy and I feel wonderful! I believe the technologies that she is offering at La Casa Spa surpass conventional therapies, deliver rapid results on a cellular level and allow for profound changes to take place.
I experienced physical shock and trauma at a very early age and have spent several years in physical therapy to remove the imprint from cellular memory.  As the tissue is deeply scarred in many ares of my system, it is challenging to get down to the root and release the anchors that are holding it in place.
To being with, she handed me a  paddle like device called Onnetsu which sent far infra-red deep into the tissues. While I could hold it is some areas without any discomfort at all, in the areas where I had old injuries, breaks, tears, sprains etc. I could only hold it for a few seconds.  My conscious awareness was flooded with a full range of temperature sensations from lukewarm to intense heat with just a shifting of this paddle over the surface of my skin.
One area in particular I experienced a 20% reduction in the size and overall area of a bony cyst. The change took place in less than 20 minutes of rubbing the device over the top and lifting it off, repeating and holding it for as long as possible with each pass. The shape of my hand has changed and I have greater flexibility in it already.
Next I experienced the magnetic pulse portion of the visit. It felt like I was sitting on a pulsing drum. Later she wrapped what looked like a long extension cord around my hips and turned up the pulse meter to the point where my system became overtaxed. Turning down the impulse brought a sense of calm and greater balance overall. I also noticed a greater range of motion at the end of this process.
What happened next was amazing!  In her infinite wisdom, Dr. Goldberg brought out a little hand held device called Cem Tech and told me to hold the two discs in any area that I felt would benefit from some extra attention.  I placed one disc at the base of my spine and the other on a very tight thigh muscle.  In less than a minute, the muscles that previously had reached their threshold with the magnetic pulse therapy, dropped their long held defensive holding pattern, softened and within five minutes my entire belly region relaxed.
Within the next five minutes thrill bumps ran up and down my spine and spread out across my back. My heart and the muscles in my chest wall relaxed. I felt an old familiar “fearful feeling” suddenly leave my belly and a shift took place throughout my system. In place of the fearful feelings came a rush of warmth and joy.
Then she brought out a headband with crystals for me to experience. More sensations of warmth and calmness spread from head to toe. More open feelings of joy in the body and peace in the mind.
Normally being in a busy place like the city is overwhelming to me and I tend to avoid crowded  areas. Today I was able to cope with ease when I walked  through the chaos of the city streets back to Grand Central. I was present in a more relaxed body, able to take in far more information without feeling overloaded.
The Cem Tech portion of the experience lasted 10 minutes and according to Dr. Goldberg that was just a “sample” of what this hand held device can do. I am really looking forward to my next session of Magnetic Pulse Therapy, Onnetsu followed up by an even larger sample of the Cem Tech at La Casa!”
-Susan Freeland

“For the last five years, I have had serious joint problems. Working out at the gym was making me physically sick. I would feel a constant discomfort in my joints as well as sudden sharp pains whenever I was doing certain movements. My muscles would feel tight, stiff and would hurt. I attributed all that to a Lyme vaccine I got around 5 years ago. Shortly after, the physical agony started. It affected my knees, my hips, my elbows and fingers. I was frustrated and felt beat down because sport was always an important part of my life. I couldn’t exercise the way I used to anymore. It all changed after the first pulsed magnetic treatment. The results were absolutely DRAMATIC. After the first treatment I went to the gym and I was able to stay on the elliptic cardio machine for 45 minutes instead of the 20 minutes I could barely master before. The morning after was absolutely amazing! I had no stiffness in my joints or muscles like I used to have. The change was so overwhelming that I called Jane immediately afterwards and asked for a second treatment! I wanted more of the good stuff! At this point I’ve had around 5 treatments and I have regained my health to about 95%.
Another absolutely miraculous experience I had with the pulsed magnetic machine concerns my menstrual migraines. Usually they are severe to a degree that I am unable to move or stand. Often they induce vomiting. Sugar, tea, coffee, and meat make the headache worse. A couple of days ago, it was that time of the month again. I felt the beginning of a slight headache. I went immediately to Jane to have a magnetic session done. I did 15 minutes at different sides of my head. After around half an hour after the headache was gone. The same afternoon I ate a handful of chocolates, drank a cup of coffee and had a liver pate’ as dinner – still no trace of the migraine. It was absolutely incredible. That sort of diet would have sent me vomiting my guts out at any other period. This time I stayed absolutely clear. I have to admit I understand only vaguely the science behind the magnetic machine. I have not researched it to the same degree I researched other alternative medicine protocols. all I know is that it works AMAZINGLY. Thank you Jane for introducing me to this magical device!”
-Pola Planski

“Dr. Jane Goldberg introduced me to a healing system that transcended the multiple pill or treatment methods that we are exposed to in commercial medicine today.  In fact, it identified and produced corrections in a body that hid its weakness in a tiny place in my heart, spleen and eyes. Dr. Goldberg did corrections using her holistic approach and 30% to 100%  healing occurred. The next day my vision improved 30%, the pain in my side was 60% relieved and my anxiety levels reduced 100%. By the way I hobbled into her office with a severe gout attack in my left foot, the normal turn around for gout was 4 to 5 days.  The next day it was 70 % gone. Thank you Dr. Goldberg for pioneering into the wonderful world of integrative alternatives.”

“I want to thank the staff for the wonderful services provided at La Casa Day Spa.  Gregg, Jane, and the rest of the staff made my visit thoroughly enjoyable.  Most importantly, I want you to know that the Magnetic Pulse Therapy I received at La Casa for my lower back pain was fantastic. I’ve suffered from chronic lower back pain for most of my adult life, and the pain is annoying at best, and debilitating at worst.  It is amazing that you have a painless way of treatment this kind of pain.  I am happy to report that my back pain was completely gone after one 20-minute treatment (that alone is near-miraculous) and now, two months later, I am still relatively pain-free. It still comes back on occasion, but not at all like how it was before. I will certainly make an appointment for another treatment.”
-Ron Brown

“I am a 60-year female who has been living for the last 11 years with what western medicine has labeled as an incurable cancer. Thanks to the help of the Metatron, which Dr. Goldberg introduced to me, my life which had felt very grim, is getting better and better. The Metatron scan the body through frequencies, diagnoses whatever maladies it finds, and then treats the various conditions. As an example, it found that I had a UTI infection, which, indeed, I had had symptoms of. With one correction done with the machine, and then using a remedy that Dr. Goldberg made with the machine, and gave me to take him, the UTI was thankfully gone in a day. In addition, I have suffered from intense pains caused by the deterioration of an over-irradiated part of my body; these are now more bearable and improving. For instance, I could not lift my leg to touch my toes, and now can do it with ease. I recommend using the Metatron for all heath regimes. I have weekly appointments using it, and I consider these sessions to be invaluable to my living now a normal life, and relatively pain-free.”



‘The Really Real Reality Group Therapy Show’ Testimonials

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Letter to Dr. Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg,

I’m a therapist and I’m passionate about psychodynamic theory.  I had not heard of Modern Psychoanalysis before your show and I would love to continue to grow by watching the show unfold in its remaining episodes.

I work at an intensive outpatient group for eating disorders in St. Louis, MO.  The name of the agency is McCallum Place.  Thus, I do a lot of group work as well and find it very engaging/challenging. I’ve been incorporating bits and pieces of what I’ve learned from watching you practice.  Things like joining…”What am I doing to drive you out of the group room week after week?”, attending to the contact function of the ego, and pointing out and encouraging the verbalization of expression of eros/thanatos.

Watching you manage Barbara has been most helpful.  “I guess we can conclude that either you continually find yourself in groups of hostile people, or that you are complicit in doing something that draws hostility towards you.”  There are a large number of individuals with borderline personality organizations in my groups.  Your interactions with Barbara gave me better language for helping them recognize (with less narcissistic injury) how they are complicit in bringing about the very rejections and abandonment that cause them so much pain.

In other words, although I lack advanced training, I know I have improved my practice from watching you.  And for that I am both energized and grateful. Perhaps in the future I will consider a relocation to New York in order to pursue training at CMPS.

Let me know if you find a way I could access episodes beyond number 20. I also look forward to reading your book, “The Dark Side of Love”, and Spotnitz’s seminal work on the treatment of schizophrenia.

– John Rapp, LMSW

The Most Intriguing Thing
“I love it. I hate it. Its a train-wreck. I have so many opinions. This is the most intriguing thing I’ve seen in forever. I actually woke out of a half-sleep at 1:30 am and stared at this until the very last minute. Is this what a group therapy looks like? Wow. I hope you post a schedule. I’m going to be waiting for the next one…” – AmericanCyber Girl

The Importance of the Inner Self
“One thing I came away with is everyone in the group had some sort of external loss. Their whole since of being something other than themselves. The answer to a full person is turning to your inner self. Once you come be at peace with yourself, love your own self, happy with who you are, then your at peace, in love, and happy with the world. ‘Seek not abroad, turn back into thyself, for in the inner person dwells the Truth.’ – St. Augustine” – Yo1Dude1Man

Good job, Dr. Goldberg!
“Fabulous! Brave people. Good job Dr. Goldberg teaching the group members what its all about. You may have your hands full preventing the group from murdering Barbara!” – BinkeyBike

Book Reviews

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“The interactions between mind-body dynamics and health are complex and unclear, but increasingly research evidence points to significant clinical relevancy for this association. Goldberg presents a compelling argument for reevaluating the traditional medical model of the disease process, refocusing on the relationship of mind-body interactions as a fundamental component of disease, and suggesting that this relationship is more encompassing than the traditional psychosomatic models suggest… This thesis is well developed and organized, and the text is well written, readable, and comprehensible to students and general readers as well as professionals. The author, a practicing psychoanalyst who has written widely in the field, makes original and insightful contributions to the dialogue on the mind/body interaction and its influence on the disease process. The conceptual framework suggested is a useful contribution to the field. Valuable notes.”
—R. L. Jones, Choice

“Thoroughly documented and researched, Deceits of the Mind is also a multifaceted presentation of the dynamic of disease, and most importantly, explicit approaches to presentation and healing of both physical and psychological disorders. It is most refreshing to have this very find addition to the field of holistic healing, written in such a clear and engaging manner. To me the book is invaluable. It will also be a must read for patients and their friends and family.”
Richard Rivner, M.D., Medical Director, Fryer Research Center, New York

“Dr. Goldberg has written a truly original and insightful book, destined, I feel, to become a classic in the field. Her exploration of the human psyche as it relates particularly to the health of the physical body makes for absolutely enlightened and riveting reading!”
Ruth Sackman, president, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, Ltd. (FACT)

“No writer has done more than Jane Goldberg to further exploration of the largely uncharted territory at the border of mind and body. In Deceits of the Mind she throws brilliant light into this area, and discovers original sytheses of the insights of medical scientists with those of the psychoanalytic theorists. Dr. Goldberg’s thinking is original, penetrating, and adventurous without being reckless; she has much to teach both lay people and professionals–of several disciplines. Her writing is of a clarity and vivacity that will enlighten and delight her lay readership and will help analysts to see more clearly what they themselves do and know and think.”
Phyllis Meadow, Ph.D., editor, Journal of Modern Psychoanalysis



“I was told fifteen months ago that I was beyond anything that could be done for me, at a very prominent teaching hospital. Metastasized breast cancer to the liver, lymph and bones. Now, here I am fifteen months later, pain-free and almost cancer-free and leading a totally normal life again. NO M.D., NO chemotherapy, NO radiation, NO surgery.
Radiation Hormesis—the natural radiation found in stones created by GOD, is one of my secrets to success. If you have cancer or MS or arthritis or…. I HIGHLY recommend you invest in this book, Because People Are Dying.
Well, only if you want to get well of course…”
Kathleen Wacholtz

“This book gives the objective report on the radiation we have come to fear. God put it all around us. We need to avail ourselves of it in the way it was created for us. In Rocks. This book stands alone but it stands tall. Enlightening!”
Mrs. Smith

Despite a few minor errors of scientific information, the bottom line of this book acquaints the reader about the true relationships between dose levels of ionizing radiation (from nuclear energy plants or bombs), and the absolute safety of all past releases of small radiation effluents from nuclear plants as constructed and regulated in the USA.
This is very important for the survival of this nation, because the so-called green energy sources touted so much will not sustain our economy and the health of our population and environment.
While much of the public is being propagandized about the imagined dangers of nuclear plants (which do not contaminate nor release carbon dioxide), in the meantime and long into the future, our trees and earth will be destroyed by the digging up and surface mining of coal and the spilling of oil, which will continue to be needed as long as nuclear energy is being held up and not supported by us through government programs and is over-regulated more than necessary for safety. It has long been known that the availability of concentrated energy sources for economic and human health of nations is perfectly correlated and causative with the health of nations and their inhabitants. See my own writings documenting these facts.”
Allen Brodsky

“This book is an enlightening, illuminating eye-opener to what I had always considered to be one of the most dangerous elements on the face of the earth. And in the wrong hands, indeed it is, but in the hands of those who respect nature, radiation can the most powerful healing energy on the planet.
This book is the fascinating story of how God led Jay Guiterrez into the invisible world of high frequency EMF’s or what is typically referred to as radiation hormesis. Do a search on radiation hormesis and be prepared to be blown away by the hundreds if not thousands of studies that have been done on this subject. Do a Google search on radon health mines and then ask yourself: ‘Why does the EPA tell us that radon causes lung cancer?’ It’s a hoax, a virtual reality to keep us in the dark, like mushrooms.
After Fukushima, I too became caught up in all the evils of nuclear power but in doing so, I lost my perspective on what is natural and beneficial and what is unnatural and corrupted by man. High frequency electromagnetic energies are the most powerful yet most neglected of all natural energy sources given to us by the Creator to maintain good health and to facilitate healing.
Most mineral springs are so efficaciously healing because of the presence of radon gas, which is generated when water comes into contact with uranium deep in the earth. The emissions of radon gas from the earth are a tremendous contributor to sustaining life on the planet but this phenomena has been buried by academia, government and big industry in the same way that they are now attempting to demonize the sun as being a major cause of cancer. (It’s the toxins in our body from big pharma and farma that are activated by solar rays that cause cancer). Academia, government and big industry want to keep us focused on delusions, deceptions, distortions and distractions because these four ‘D’s keep us living in fear, which in turn allows them to more effectively manage and control the masses.
Think about it: a great worldwide victory for evil has taken place in that virtually all of mankind now views the most powerful naturally occurring electromagnetic frequencies as being the most dangerous to life. Are they really the most dangerous? Yes, absolutely, but only when corrupted by man! They can also be the most powerful for healing when used appropriately as our Creator intended them to be used.
If someone you know has a life-threatening disease—or any disease for that matter—or if you just want more energy, this book will lead you to hope and to a cure. The problem is that most people wait until they are at the precipice of death before they turn away from this hellish system we call modern medicine. Jay has created a team of health care coaches and products that can help you.”
Gary Greenfield



A remarkably well-written book—a MUST for everyone’s library. It is a book about all of us, and on how to understand and manage love—this most important aspect of each of our lives. It is a more than worthy successor to such classics as Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, Thomas Harris’s I’m OK, You’re OK and M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. If you should have the even the slightest reason to do so, I would strongly urge you to read this book!”
William Antonio Boyle

“For me this book helped me see beyond the Hollywood vision of relationships. It gave me a framework for understanding them as they really are: lots of hard work and occasional pain.”
H. Henson

“Jane Goldberg is a Freudian through-and-through, and so has a tendency to say that such-and-such is ‘always’ caused by this, or ‘always’ a sign of that. But she’s a fun Freudian, going through the tales of Oedipus and Narcissus with a surprisingly relevant take, and skillfully folding in references to Shakespeare and the like.
Her basic premise is that we don’t learn how to deal with hate and anger as children, being told instead that ‘hate is a four-letter word’ and ‘if you don’t have something nice to say…’ For a society that’s long recognized that children who don’t learn about love grow up to be adults who don’t know how to love, we’re very slow (which is why the book is still so relevant even though it was published in 1993) to see that the same is true about hate. Hate (rage, irritation, jealousy, aggression) is a powerful emotional that deserves recognition and respect. Goldberg argues compellingly for a change in our approach to anger ‘management.’
The prose is, unfortunately, highly repetitive, but you get used to it. It’s still a useful and intelligent read. I particularly recommend it for people who are still new to self-analysis.”
Julia Houston

“I read this book after reading Brigid Brophy’s Black Ship to Hell and was well rewarded with finding that Jane Goldberg had tackled the Eros/Thanatos connection with a bold re-estimation of the function of ‘negative’ emotions and how they are not only beneficial, but also necessary to our individual identity.
While another reviewer labels her as Freudian, it should be remembered that Freud is the father of modern psychology and his theories have initiated a deeper understanding of human nature. It could even be said that Freud and Jung (who originally studied under Freud) say the same thing, just in a different way. Erik Erikson, who is popular among many is also ‘Freudian’ and devotedly so.
What I liked most about The Dark Side of Love was that the author provides concrete examples and explanations without over-generalizing the concepts and ideas into aphorisms, and even debunks some of the aphorisms used by therapists to manipulate their patients.
The author’s ‘evolutionary’ description of the psyche and her commitment to the individual self is progressive when compared to those beliefs and ‘truths’ that attempt to subjugate the individual and pressure surrender to “the good of the many” or expound mystical self-annihilation under religious tenets.
All-in-all, I would recommend this book to anyone who is genuinely interested in self-improvement, and is looking to evolve beyond the ordinary. Insightful and refreshingly bold.”

“This book is so enlightening and insightful, everyone should read it. There are pieces of advice one would never have thought of on their own. The author narrates wonderfully—she illustrates concepts with stories of herself and her patients, and explains scientific terms and concepts so it’s easily understood by someone lacking a background in psychology. While she asserts her opinion, she lets the reader make his/her own conclusions and cites many studies enabling the reader to do further research if he/she wishes to know more. I don’t want to put it down.”
Adrienne E. Thiery



“This is a neat book that I refer to from time to time. There are great ‘inspirations’ to make your spa treatments at home. To breathe, cleanse your body, skin brush etc. The book gives you an overview of alternative healing methods, most don’t require a lot of effort and you can pick and choose what you like.
Why 4 instead of 5 stars? I would have wanted to see more explanations. For example, there is an interesting recipe — baked papaya w fruit filling — and it calls for kuzu. Not knowing what it is, I wish she had an index of unfamiliar foods and methods in the back. An internet search found that kuzu is a root vegetable and is used as a thickener. There are more confusions but you get over them because the ideas are great, and each time I skim the book I do something else. It is not a slick book, its style is a little hippy dippy, it doesn’t try to sell you vitamins and other things. It is a sincere book urging you to heal yourself and find a place of calm and beauty.
I recommend this this book.”
M. ReadersAreLeaders