‘The Really Real Reality Group Therapy Show’ Testimonials

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Letter to Dr. Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg,

I’m a therapist and I’m passionate about psychodynamic theory.  I had not heard of Modern Psychoanalysis before your show and I would love to continue to grow by watching the show unfold in its remaining episodes.

I work at an intensive outpatient group for eating disorders in St. Louis, MO.  The name of the agency is McCallum Place.  Thus, I do a lot of group work as well and find it very engaging/challenging. I’ve been incorporating bits and pieces of what I’ve learned from watching you practice.  Things like joining…”What am I doing to drive you out of the group room week after week?”, attending to the contact function of the ego, and pointing out and encouraging the verbalization of expression of eros/thanatos.

Watching you manage Barbara has been most helpful.  “I guess we can conclude that either you continually find yourself in groups of hostile people, or that you are complicit in doing something that draws hostility towards you.”  There are a large number of individuals with borderline personality organizations in my groups.  Your interactions with Barbara gave me better language for helping them recognize (with less narcissistic injury) how they are complicit in bringing about the very rejections and abandonment that cause them so much pain.

In other words, although I lack advanced training, I know I have improved my practice from watching you.  And for that I am both energized and grateful. Perhaps in the future I will consider a relocation to New York in order to pursue training at CMPS.

Let me know if you find a way I could access episodes beyond number 20. I also look forward to reading your book, “The Dark Side of Love”, and Spotnitz’s seminal work on the treatment of schizophrenia.

– John Rapp, LMSW

The Most Intriguing Thing
“I love it. I hate it. Its a train-wreck. I have so many opinions. This is the most intriguing thing I’ve seen in forever. I actually woke out of a half-sleep at 1:30 am and stared at this until the very last minute. Is this what a group therapy looks like? Wow. I hope you post a schedule. I’m going to be waiting for the next one…” – AmericanCyber Girl

The Importance of the Inner Self
“One thing I came away with is everyone in the group had some sort of external loss. Their whole since of being something other than themselves. The answer to a full person is turning to your inner self. Once you come be at peace with yourself, love your own self, happy with who you are, then your at peace, in love, and happy with the world. ‘Seek not abroad, turn back into thyself, for in the inner person dwells the Truth.’ – St. Augustine” – Yo1Dude1Man

Good job, Dr. Goldberg!
“Fabulous! Brave people. Good job Dr. Goldberg teaching the group members what its all about. You may have your hands full preventing the group from murdering Barbara!” – BinkeyBike