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“The interactions between mind-body dynamics and health are complex and unclear, but increasingly research evidence points to significant clinical relevancy for this association. Goldberg presents a compelling argument for reevaluating the traditional medical model of the disease process, refocusing on the relationship of mind-body interactions as a fundamental component of disease, and suggesting that this relationship is more encompassing than the traditional psychosomatic models suggest… This thesis is well developed and organized, and the text is well written, readable, and comprehensible to students and general readers as well as professionals. The author, a practicing psychoanalyst who has written widely in the field, makes original and insightful contributions to the dialogue on the mind/body interaction and its influence on the disease process. The conceptual framework suggested is a useful contribution to the field. Valuable notes.”
—R. L. Jones, Choice

“Thoroughly documented and researched, Deceits of the Mind is also a multifaceted presentation of the dynamic of disease, and most importantly, explicit approaches to presentation and healing of both physical and psychological disorders. It is most refreshing to have this very find addition to the field of holistic healing, written in such a clear and engaging manner. To me the book is invaluable. It will also be a must read for patients and their friends and family.”
Richard Rivner, M.D., Medical Director, Fryer Research Center, New York

“Dr. Goldberg has written a truly original and insightful book, destined, I feel, to become a classic in the field. Her exploration of the human psyche as it relates particularly to the health of the physical body makes for absolutely enlightened and riveting reading!”
Ruth Sackman, president, Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, Ltd. (FACT)

“No writer has done more than Jane Goldberg to further exploration of the largely uncharted territory at the border of mind and body. In Deceits of the Mind she throws brilliant light into this area, and discovers original sytheses of the insights of medical scientists with those of the psychoanalytic theorists. Dr. Goldberg’s thinking is original, penetrating, and adventurous without being reckless; she has much to teach both lay people and professionals–of several disciplines. Her writing is of a clarity and vivacity that will enlighten and delight her lay readership and will help analysts to see more clearly what they themselves do and know and think.”
Phyllis Meadow, Ph.D., editor, Journal of Modern Psychoanalysis



“I was told fifteen months ago that I was beyond anything that could be done for me, at a very prominent teaching hospital. Metastasized breast cancer to the liver, lymph and bones. Now, here I am fifteen months later, pain-free and almost cancer-free and leading a totally normal life again. NO M.D., NO chemotherapy, NO radiation, NO surgery.
Radiation Hormesis—the natural radiation found in stones created by GOD, is one of my secrets to success. If you have cancer or MS or arthritis or…. I HIGHLY recommend you invest in this book, Because People Are Dying.
Well, only if you want to get well of course…”
Kathleen Wacholtz

“This book gives the objective report on the radiation we have come to fear. God put it all around us. We need to avail ourselves of it in the way it was created for us. In Rocks. This book stands alone but it stands tall. Enlightening!”
Mrs. Smith

Despite a few minor errors of scientific information, the bottom line of this book acquaints the reader about the true relationships between dose levels of ionizing radiation (from nuclear energy plants or bombs), and the absolute safety of all past releases of small radiation effluents from nuclear plants as constructed and regulated in the USA.
This is very important for the survival of this nation, because the so-called green energy sources touted so much will not sustain our economy and the health of our population and environment.
While much of the public is being propagandized about the imagined dangers of nuclear plants (which do not contaminate nor release carbon dioxide), in the meantime and long into the future, our trees and earth will be destroyed by the digging up and surface mining of coal and the spilling of oil, which will continue to be needed as long as nuclear energy is being held up and not supported by us through government programs and is over-regulated more than necessary for safety. It has long been known that the availability of concentrated energy sources for economic and human health of nations is perfectly correlated and causative with the health of nations and their inhabitants. See my own writings documenting these facts.”
Allen Brodsky

“This book is an enlightening, illuminating eye-opener to what I had always considered to be one of the most dangerous elements on the face of the earth. And in the wrong hands, indeed it is, but in the hands of those who respect nature, radiation can the most powerful healing energy on the planet.
This book is the fascinating story of how God led Jay Guiterrez into the invisible world of high frequency EMF’s or what is typically referred to as radiation hormesis. Do a search on radiation hormesis and be prepared to be blown away by the hundreds if not thousands of studies that have been done on this subject. Do a Google search on radon health mines and then ask yourself: ‘Why does the EPA tell us that radon causes lung cancer?’ It’s a hoax, a virtual reality to keep us in the dark, like mushrooms.
After Fukushima, I too became caught up in all the evils of nuclear power but in doing so, I lost my perspective on what is natural and beneficial and what is unnatural and corrupted by man. High frequency electromagnetic energies are the most powerful yet most neglected of all natural energy sources given to us by the Creator to maintain good health and to facilitate healing.
Most mineral springs are so efficaciously healing because of the presence of radon gas, which is generated when water comes into contact with uranium deep in the earth. The emissions of radon gas from the earth are a tremendous contributor to sustaining life on the planet but this phenomena has been buried by academia, government and big industry in the same way that they are now attempting to demonize the sun as being a major cause of cancer. (It’s the toxins in our body from big pharma and farma that are activated by solar rays that cause cancer). Academia, government and big industry want to keep us focused on delusions, deceptions, distortions and distractions because these four ‘D’s keep us living in fear, which in turn allows them to more effectively manage and control the masses.
Think about it: a great worldwide victory for evil has taken place in that virtually all of mankind now views the most powerful naturally occurring electromagnetic frequencies as being the most dangerous to life. Are they really the most dangerous? Yes, absolutely, but only when corrupted by man! They can also be the most powerful for healing when used appropriately as our Creator intended them to be used.
If someone you know has a life-threatening disease—or any disease for that matter—or if you just want more energy, this book will lead you to hope and to a cure. The problem is that most people wait until they are at the precipice of death before they turn away from this hellish system we call modern medicine. Jay has created a team of health care coaches and products that can help you.”
Gary Greenfield



A remarkably well-written book—a MUST for everyone’s library. It is a book about all of us, and on how to understand and manage love—this most important aspect of each of our lives. It is a more than worthy successor to such classics as Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, Thomas Harris’s I’m OK, You’re OK and M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. If you should have the even the slightest reason to do so, I would strongly urge you to read this book!”
William Antonio Boyle

“For me this book helped me see beyond the Hollywood vision of relationships. It gave me a framework for understanding them as they really are: lots of hard work and occasional pain.”
H. Henson

“Jane Goldberg is a Freudian through-and-through, and so has a tendency to say that such-and-such is ‘always’ caused by this, or ‘always’ a sign of that. But she’s a fun Freudian, going through the tales of Oedipus and Narcissus with a surprisingly relevant take, and skillfully folding in references to Shakespeare and the like.
Her basic premise is that we don’t learn how to deal with hate and anger as children, being told instead that ‘hate is a four-letter word’ and ‘if you don’t have something nice to say…’ For a society that’s long recognized that children who don’t learn about love grow up to be adults who don’t know how to love, we’re very slow (which is why the book is still so relevant even though it was published in 1993) to see that the same is true about hate. Hate (rage, irritation, jealousy, aggression) is a powerful emotional that deserves recognition and respect. Goldberg argues compellingly for a change in our approach to anger ‘management.’
The prose is, unfortunately, highly repetitive, but you get used to it. It’s still a useful and intelligent read. I particularly recommend it for people who are still new to self-analysis.”
Julia Houston

“I read this book after reading Brigid Brophy’s Black Ship to Hell and was well rewarded with finding that Jane Goldberg had tackled the Eros/Thanatos connection with a bold re-estimation of the function of ‘negative’ emotions and how they are not only beneficial, but also necessary to our individual identity.
While another reviewer labels her as Freudian, it should be remembered that Freud is the father of modern psychology and his theories have initiated a deeper understanding of human nature. It could even be said that Freud and Jung (who originally studied under Freud) say the same thing, just in a different way. Erik Erikson, who is popular among many is also ‘Freudian’ and devotedly so.
What I liked most about The Dark Side of Love was that the author provides concrete examples and explanations without over-generalizing the concepts and ideas into aphorisms, and even debunks some of the aphorisms used by therapists to manipulate their patients.
The author’s ‘evolutionary’ description of the psyche and her commitment to the individual self is progressive when compared to those beliefs and ‘truths’ that attempt to subjugate the individual and pressure surrender to “the good of the many” or expound mystical self-annihilation under religious tenets.
All-in-all, I would recommend this book to anyone who is genuinely interested in self-improvement, and is looking to evolve beyond the ordinary. Insightful and refreshingly bold.”

“This book is so enlightening and insightful, everyone should read it. There are pieces of advice one would never have thought of on their own. The author narrates wonderfully—she illustrates concepts with stories of herself and her patients, and explains scientific terms and concepts so it’s easily understood by someone lacking a background in psychology. While she asserts her opinion, she lets the reader make his/her own conclusions and cites many studies enabling the reader to do further research if he/she wishes to know more. I don’t want to put it down.”
Adrienne E. Thiery



“This is a neat book that I refer to from time to time. There are great ‘inspirations’ to make your spa treatments at home. To breathe, cleanse your body, skin brush etc. The book gives you an overview of alternative healing methods, most don’t require a lot of effort and you can pick and choose what you like.
Why 4 instead of 5 stars? I would have wanted to see more explanations. For example, there is an interesting recipe — baked papaya w fruit filling — and it calls for kuzu. Not knowing what it is, I wish she had an index of unfamiliar foods and methods in the back. An internet search found that kuzu is a root vegetable and is used as a thickener. There are more confusions but you get over them because the ideas are great, and each time I skim the book I do something else. It is not a slick book, its style is a little hippy dippy, it doesn’t try to sell you vitamins and other things. It is a sincere book urging you to heal yourself and find a place of calm and beauty.
I recommend this this book.”
M. ReadersAreLeaders