by Dr. Jane Goldberg and Lochlainn Seabrook.
Foreword by Dr. Phyllis Meadow. Nashville, TN: Sea Raven Press, 2008.

Princess Diana’s death seemed to be such an unfortunate happenstance, such an unlikely convergence of factors–the hunt of the paparazzi, the speed of the car, the alcohol level of the driver, the neglect to fasten seat-belts. Yet we hunger for a deeper explanation. We don’t want to be satisified with the explanation of mere bad luck. We seek an explanation that gives a more spiritual understanding to Diana’s death,
a way of placing her life and her death within some natural and harmonious order of the universe. It is through combining the study of ancient mythology and contemporary psychoanalysis that we can come to this understanding.

In looking at Diana’s life and death through the lens of both psychoanalysis and ancient mythology, we can come to a fuller understanding of the forces that pushed and pulled Diana at various angles–forces with led, ultimately, to a high-speed midnight chase on a Parisian street, resulting in her death–a death which, from a mythological perspective, was no an accident at all, but rather, was an entirely predictable event and perhaps the only possible outcome for the life she lived.

Princess Diana: Modern Day Moon Goddess was republished by Sea Raven Press in 2014.

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