Victor Vega

The guy:

I have just returned from visiting my farm (formerly home to La Casa Resort Spa) in the rain forest of Puerto Rico. I took time out to meet a man I have been wanting to meet for quite a while. He is a physician, and an oncologist who did his internship and residency in radiation oncology at Johns Hopkins, and taught as an instructor in radiation oncology at my alma mater, Washington University (School of Medicine) as well as at the University of Miami School of Medicine. You can see from his credentials that for many years Victor treated cancer patients with standard medical protocols including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Fifteen years ago, however, he threw in the towel of orthodox medicine and became a medical renegade, practicing only holistic medicine.

Although Victor is well-versed in successfully treating many difficult cases of cancer (his Testimonial page on his website indicates such), his most recent interest has been in treating severe neurological disturbances: autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, epilepsy and more. He uses a technique that has been used successfully in Europe and Russia for the management of degenerative neurological diseases but is little known in the U.S.

Victor explains that many degenerative neurological diseases are caused and/or worsened by the presence of heavy metals in the body such as lead, mercury and aluminum. The use of pesticides, petroleum bi-products, plastics containing phthalates and other pollutants in the air, food and water, are also important factors that may cause or worsen these neurological diseases.

Although holistic treatments can safely remove most of these contaminants using techniques such as chelation therapy with intravenous disodium edetate, DMPS and/or vitamin C, along with a diet of organic food, there is still more that can be done (and needs to be done) to intensify the detox of these pollutants. Victor’s treatment protocol consists of intravenous phospholipids as an essential component of the therapy.

Phospholipids are vitally important in health because the cell membrane is composed mainly of four phospholipids: choline, ethanolamine, serine and inositol. These phospholipids are fatty components that keep the cell wall relatively waterproof and, thus, maintain the integrity of the cell membrane. This helps control the flow of nutrients and waste materials in and out of the cell.

Fatty acids (which are a specific kind of fat) and phosphates are needed in combination to form phospholipids. The most common of these fatty acids are Omega 3 and Omega 6 (linoleic acid and linolenic acid, respectively). These fatty acids are essential because our bodies do not synthesize them. Much documentation shows that the optimum ratio in the diet of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is 4:1. If the membrane does not have these basic components, protection of the cell is compromised. This in turn decreases optimal cell functioning, leading to suboptimal function and, finally, disease.

Victor’s treatment consists of a series of injections containing phospholipids, glutathione (an intracellular antioxidant), folic acid and vitamin B12. All ingredients he uses are natural and preservative free.

 Victor’s emphasis on both IV and oral substances makes sense for treating neurological disturbances when we look at the actual physiology and biology of the body’s nervous system. When we think about the nervous system, we generally think about the brain, and its extensions (neurons, spinal cord and such). But the fact is: there is a second nervous system that is part of the gastrointestinal tract. In a very real sense, you have two brains: one inside your skull and the other inside your gut. Both systems are created at the same time in the developing fetus; one eventually turns into the central nervous system and the other into the enteric nervous system, and they are connected via the vagus nerve, the 10th cranial nerve that runs from your brain stem down to your abdomen. It is now well established that the vagus nerve is indeed the primary route your gut bacteria use to transmit information to your brain. The relationship between the two brains seems to be bi-directional.

According to Dr. Campbell-McBride, establishment of normal gut flora in the first 20 days or so of life plays a crucial role in the appropriate maturation of babies’ immune systems. As she explains:

“The baby acquires its gut flora at the time of birth, when the baby goes through the birth canal of the mother. So whatever lives in mom’s birth canal, in mom’s vagina, becomes the baby’s gut flora.  So what lives in mom’s vagina? It’s a very richly populated area of a woman’s body. The vaginal flora comes from the bowel. So if the mother has abnormal gut flora, she will have abnormal flora in her birth canal.”

Dr. Campbell-McBride describes the foundational conditions that contribute to such disorders as ADHD, learning disabilities and autism.

Victor’s results, based on these understandings, have been nothing short of incredible. Here are descriptions of just a few of his cases:

After six injections in a patient with Alzheimer’s who had manifested severe memory loss, a substantial recovery of long and short- term memory was observed.

In two patients with autism and low conversational levels, both began to speak more fluidly in the third week of treatment. They ceased to have erratic and violent behavior. Both then exhibited higher levels of social interaction with their families and other children.

In two patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and not able to lay down to sleep because of inability to swallow due to partial or total pharyngeal paralysis, the patients started being able to lie down for one hour at a time, and then throughout the whole night as the nerves and muscles regained function. Both patients also had considerable improvement in their swallowing.

In three patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, after three weeks of treatment, patients had more focus, exhibited more joy and less apathy. Their medications were decreased or stopped altogether.

In a patient with partial occlusion of cerebral arteries and decreased ability to find words and initiate conversation, after two weeks of treatment, there was a marked improvement in the ability to form and express thoughts.

In a patient who had suffered for several months from severe pain and insomnia due to shingles on the face, pain decreased more than 80% after a month of treatment.

In a patient with breast cancer who suffered from neuropathy and pain as a consequence of chemotherapy, after two injections of phospholipids, the pain intensity dropped by over 90%.

In a patient with neuropathy and severe pain in the lower extremities due to diabetes, there was marked improvement in the ability to walk, and the patient no longer needed a cane.

In a patient with presence of heavy metals in the blood, resulting in moderate loss of vision, eye pain and deafness, a month of treatment resulted in a significant decrease in pain, an increase in energy and improved vision.

In a patient with severe migraine and continuous headaches, there was a 90% decrease in the intensity of episodes.

We all know that these case studies would not be compelling as medical research findings, as they are not a controlled study, nor are they double-blinded. But for those who suffer from diseases of neurological degeneration (Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, neuropathy, attention deficit disorder, autism, epilepsy, and any other conditions where there is a need to regenerate the brain and/or nerves), the results are impressive enough to consider Victor’s protocol as a viable option. There is no down-side: the technique is effective and safe; there are no known contraindications or side effects. In many patients, and improvement is observed in as little as 48 hours.

Victor says that patients of any age who have done this protocol as a preventive measure have reported increased energy, better sleep and improved mental clarity.

Victor is also still treating cancer, but he has a caveat for accepting new cancer patients: they must agree to not eat sugar and to cooperate with eating according to his health plan.

Victor treats patients in both Puerto Rico and Miami. He says that out-of-towners must plan on staying at least a week, and then can continue their protocol at home.

If anyone desires to go to Puerto Rico to see Victor, you are welcome to stay at my beautiful farm. It is only a half hour from Victor’s office, and is itself a healing experience in its own right, as it is situated at the edge of the rain forest, replete with healing plants and fresh replenishing breezes that waft down from the top of El Yiunque.