The Wowsome Brain

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While Steve Jobs may be dead, the legacy of his brain–his brilliance and his prescience–lives on. Steve died as he lived. He spent the last several months at Apple, still embarking on new projects, still holding a vision of a future that he hoped he would help to shape. His children, his wife and his sister all surrounded him as he lay in bed on his final day as they talked and joked among themselves. Then his breathing changed, and became what his sister described as “deliberate and purposeful.” She said it became clear that he was on “an arduous journey, some steep path,”  working at dying just as he’d worked so hard at living. Just before he closed his eyes for the last time, the man who spent his life in search of beauty looked past those who were standing next to him, and seemed to fix his gaze on something that only he could see. His last words were: “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.” We hope that the exercises at Brainercize will lead our participants to the same determined intentionality that Steve Jobs embodied so fiercely and eloquently. We aspire to bring the same sense of wonder, amazement and awe to your everyday living that Steve found both throughout his life and at the moment of his last earthly breath.