The Really Real Reality Group Therapy Show

In 2009, Jane G. Goldberg Ph.D. recorded a series of group therapy sessions that came to be titled The Really Real Reality Group Therapy Show, so that viewers could witness first-hand the manifestation of psychic mechanisms as attempts to defend the ego. For instance, in the course of the show, we see the narcissistic defense, as defined by Hyman Spotnitz; we observe the expressions of Freud’s concept of Eros (love) and Thanatos (death and aggression) as group members struggle to find safe, yet authentic, footing with one another, and come to both love and hate each other. Viewers may think the group therapy participants are out of central casting, but they are real people, with real issues, that they have the courage and generosity to share, as they work through their processes with the universe.

You can watch their shared experience and individual journeys right here:

1. Reality TV Group Therapy Premiere


2. Expressing Aggression

3: Why We Don’t Get Out of Our Chairs

4. Narcissism Disease of Self-Hate, Not Love

5. Commitment Issues

6: Women & Men’s Brains

7: The Meaning of Strangers and Friends

8: Analytic Vs. Support Groups

9: The Dark Side of Love

10. Was Freud a Moral Coward?

11. Contact Functioning

12: Jane’s Dream Reality

13: Unconscious Psychology

14: Birth and Sibling Rivalry

15. Developing Our Psychological Immune System

16. Discharging Vs. Feeling Into Language

17: Finding Your Voice

18: Do We Choose to Live? Can Twittering Be Forever?

19. Letting Go Of Lovers By Accessing Hate

20: Accessing Our Aggression

The Final Curtain Call!