The Healing Corridor of East 20th Street

The Healing Corridor of East 20th Street

It occurred to me what an amazing corridor for healing East 20th Street is – so I decided to give a conceptual map of all of what is happening on my street – from the east river to 5th Ave (at which point the street changes to the much less interesting West 20th St).

Kevin Courtois: 441 E. 20th St;

First stop on our journey is at Kevin Courtois’. Kevin is an Orgone Practitioner(remember Wilhelm Reich?) and a commercial artist developing items for the home that clear environments both internal and external. He also has developed age regression technologies, most specifically a device that generates a large magnetic field that mimics an amplified gravity field for potential Telomere reversal. In case you don’t know, telomeres are all the theoretical rage now – being written up in all the alternative mags as THE KEY for age-reversal. Telomeres are the end of the DNA strand, and they shrink 1% each year starting at birth. Thus most of us are programmed genetically to die within a maximum of 100 years. Unhealthy life-style habits speed up telomere shrinkage. Ultimately, telomeres determine how long we live and how healthy we are.

If you can find a way to re-extend your telomeres – make them grow (or at least, stop them from shortening) – then you get “youthanizing.” Here’s just some of the research supporting this premise:

1) Your risk of heart attack increases the faster your telomeres break down.

2) 100-year-olds in good health had significantly longer telomeres than those with health problems.

3) People with shorter telomeres in their immune cells had twice the risk of death from heart failure as people with the longest telomeres.

4) Women with shorter telomeres are more likely to be overweight and insulin-resistant.

5) A potential link has been established between telomere length and colon cancer.

Because of my long-standing interest in energetic medicine, and now telomeres, I have become enrolled in a study (one of 50 experimental subjects) with Norman Shealy, a pioneer and giant in medicine — one the first physicians ever to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain as well as anti-aging. I will be spending an hour a day on a mat that has special Tesla technology embedded within it that preliminary research indicates substantially lengthens telomeres. Stay tuned for results (but don’t hold your breath – it’s 5 year study). I have also been following the readings of Al Sears, M.D., who similarly, has gotten interested in telomeres. I have just ordered a DVD on how to incorporate telomere lengthening practices into one’s everyday life – so as soon as I get the DVD’s, I will report.

41 E. 20th St.

Next stop is my own building: 41 E 20th Street – home to three special facilities. From top to bottom

Jane Goldberg, Ph.D.; 3rd floor is my psychoanalytic office – where, of course, rather interesting things happen. In resolving issues that have impeded them, people are enabled to change their lives, and become more free and satisfied – in all realms of life. Most especially interesting – are my groups. Although my private practice groups have never agreed to let me film them, it has been a life-long dream of mine to share with the world the magical transformative quality of what being in a room – with the same people week after week – for the express and mere purpose of TALKING – can do to the human personality – the changes that can be effected. So – I started a group for just that purpose – to share what happens with the world. We have taped 33 sessions now, and the first 16 can be seen on YouTube – click here.
Sit back, kick up your heels out, get yourself some walnuts and raisins – and have the time of your life watching these people hate, and then love, and then love and hate each other as they share their life stories with one another. Feel free to join in on our new blog for the show: The Really Real Reality Group Therapy Blog.

La Casa Day Spa: 2nd floor is where we do serious detoxification therapies (colon cleansing, ozone, floatation, salt sauna, foot detox, and much more), as well as rev up immune systems with our vibrational/energetic treatments. The latest addition to our stable of frequency devices is the CEM TECH – a small Russian device that totally “cured” my daughter of her incapacitating menstrual cramps that she had suffered from for 4 years – every single month. Other amazing results that we have personally witnessed in just a month’s time: cured cat and dust allergies with one treatment; alleviated knee pain (in several different people); helped one person quit smoking; alleviated back pain. Its uses, as you see, are varied. Check out La Casa’s Facebook each day for last minute discounts on same-day bookings.

Mari Vanna: 1st floor is the newest restaurant on the NY scene. It awaits hungry New Yorkers who are looking to eat, drink and be merry and understand what true Russian hospitality means.

Gramercy Pilates; 39 E. 20th Street;  212-727-7896

Arthur Jaffe; 156 5th Avenue; suite 900;  646-644-0990 ;

Arthur is a gifted neuromuscular therapist who gets spectacular results in a short period of time (often in only one session) with pain, tension, stress, constriction, recovery from injury, and limitations in range of motion.