Dr. Goldberg Interviews Dr. Thomas Luckey

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Jane Goldberg interviews Dr. Thomas Luckey by phone for her new book on Radiation Hormesis: Because People Are Dying. If you’ve got cancer, or any other disease; if you aren’t sick, and don’t want to get sick – this book is an absolute must-read. It may well be the most important book on health to come along in a decade.

Because People Are Dying tells the tale of Jay Gutierrez, cracker-jack helicopter mechanic. Twenty years ago, Jay discovered an abandoned mine and began making pendants from the pretty stones he found. To his dismay and disbelief, people wearing the jewelry began reporting to him disappearances of all manner of physical afflictions. Jay finally took their reports seriously, and had the stones assayed. Much to his surprise, he discovered that the stones were emitting low-level radiation. Research detailed in the book–of over 3,000 medical studies–leads to the understanding that, today, we are all radiation-deficient.

The book is compelling, and reads like a medical mystery as the reader meets the various people whose lives Jay has saved–from diseases as serious as stage IV cancers. The book surprises us, citing studies that contradict the “facts” that we all “know.” For instance, 1) Survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima have not only not died in droves, but they are living longer than average life-expectancy; 2) Radon in your home doesn’t give you lung cancer; to the contrary it confers a protection against all cancers; 3) Those who live near nuclear power plants live longer than those who don’t.

Jay has developed a unique method of delivery, through the emanation of the stones, of this much-needed element that is essential to life. Goldberg shows us that radiation and life are synonymous. Exposure to low-level radiation cures many if not most diseases, and prevents even more. Jay’s healing stones are cheap and easy to use: a serious populist cure for serious and not-serious diseases.