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Jane’s latest MNN TV episode is on The Death of Mothers: Grief and Gratitude. Watch women (and one man) discuss how they have incorporated their dead mothers – the good and the bad, the sublime and the profane.

Reality TV Group Psychotherapy:

Also, stay tuned for Jane’s Reality TV show, called Therapeutics – live group psychotherapy – same time slot for MNN, and then posted on youtube forever more. Promises to be exciting, educative, illuminating and profoundly moving, as the various group participants struggle through their respective issues of unemployment, history of childhood sexual abuse, conflicts about relationships – the whole gamut of psychological issues that confront us. Un-edited – presented as it happens.

La Casa continues to get near-miraculous results with our pulsed magnetic therapy:

This technology addresses our fundamental nature which is that we are bio-electric at the level of our cells. Medicine treats with chemistry but in order for the chemistry to work our cells need to carry a full charge or voltage. Like batteries, when our cells are deficient in their electrical charge they can’t function properly and all manner of ailments and degenerative conditions result. La Casa’s pulsed magnetic machine transmits this energy into our bodies on the cellular level.

Our latest great success story is with my neighbor, Bob B., who has been in a wheelchair with MS for 3 years. Before his pulsed magnetic therapy, he was unable to move his left leg at all, and his right leg only minimally. After his first treatment, he was rotating his left leg from the hip joint, and making circles with his right leg. His physical therapist was amazed. He is so encouraged by the 10 treatments he has now had, he is renting the machine for daily home use.

Go to La Casa’s website and read the many testimonials. Also, view the

The cheapest at-home-cure for everything:

Bentonite clay carries a uniquely strong negative ionic charge which causes it to `magnetically` attract any substance with a positive ionic charge (i.e., bacteria, toxins, metals, etc.). These substances are both adsorbed (sticking to the outside like Velcro) and absorbed (drawn inside) by the clay molecules. Your body doesn’t digest clay, so the clay passes through your system, collecting the toxins, and removing them as the clay is eliminated. It’s like a little internal vacuum cleaner.
Take two ounces of liquefied clay twice a day made with 1 part dry powder calcium Bentonite clay to 8 parts water for 14 days. After that, you can scale back to one ounce a day.

Clay baths, taken twice a week, are also helpful. Clay baths help keep your body cleansed by pulling toxins through the pores. To prepare a clay bath, scatter about 2 cups of Bentonite clay powder into the bath water as it’s running, and use your hands to swish away any lumps that might form. A clay bath should last ideally between 15-20 minutes. Submerge as much of your body as possible during the bath. The more clay that is used in the therapy, the more powerful the response.

Floating is more than fun:

Recent research in Birmingham University has shown that Magnesium and Sulfate pass through the skin and raise the levels detected in the blood. This can have important benefits to health because both Magnesium and Sulfate deficiencies are common. Magnesium is essential to life and deficiency is linked to many diseases including cardiovascular disease.

Sulfate is also essential to life in several ways. Sulfate is essential for the formation of proteins in joints, also for digestive enzymes and the gut wall lining. Furthermore sulfate is essential to the formation of brain tissue and is also involved in detoxification. Sulfate is not easily absorbed from the diet.

The research concludes that bathing in magnesium sulfate is therefore a significant, safe and easy way to correct deficiency.

Aside from all of the other profound benefits of floating (visit our website for scientific research), each time you float in La Casa’s float chamber, you expose your body to 800 pounds of magnesium sulfate.

The absolutely free-no-cost-whatsoever prevention of cancer:

Researchers have reported in the Annals of Epidemiology a new theory on a causative factor in the development of cancer. A host of research now suggests that cancer develops when cells lose the ability to stick together in a healthy, normal way — and the key factor to this initial triggering of a malignancy may well be a lack of vitamin D. With sufficient vitamin D present, cells adhere to one another in tissue and act as normal, mature epithelial cells. But if there is a deficiency of vitamin D, cells can lose this stick-to-each other quality, as well as their identity as differentiated cells. The result? They can revert to a dangerous stem cell-like state and become cancerous.

According to Cedric Garland, professor at the UC San Diego School of Medicine, the process that starts cancer in the first place could be stopped at the outset by maintaining enough vitamin D in the body. “Vitamin D may halt the first stage of the cancer process by re-establishing intercellular junctions in malignancies having an intact vitamin D receptor,”

In 2008, Dr. Garland and his colleagues found an association between a lack of sunlight exposure, low vitamin D and breast cancer. In earlier work, they showed linkages between increased levels of vitamin D3 or markers of vitamin D and a lower risk for breast, colon, ovarian and kidney cancers, as well.

Clues about a possible cause-and-effect association between a lack of vitamin D and cancer’s development have rapidly accumulated over the past few years. For example, researchers have found that women who are deficient in vitamin D at the time they are diagnosed with breast cancer are nearly 75 percent more likely to die from the disease than women with sufficient vitamin D levels. Moreover, their cancer is twice as likely to metastasize to other parts of the body.

Healthy levels of vitamin D have been found to slash the risk of numerous cancers by 77 percent.

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