Brainercize: Online

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Brainercize, with its online (Brainercize Online) and live (Brainercize Live) versions, offers users an array of learning and entertaining methods with which they may train, tune, challenge, stimulate and condition their brains, minds and bodies.

Brainercize Online, initially developed to support the Brainercize Live programs, serves an array of functions.  Brainercize Online:

1)  Provides convenient access to the brain-training exercises developed by Dr. Jane G. Goldberg and offers continuity to persons partaking in the Brainercize-Live brain training sessions;
2)  Creates and builds a support community of online participants, thus replicating the all-important aspect of social sharing; an importance which has been repeatedly documented to be proven in enhancing learning;
3)  Gives a series of tests in order to determine Brainercize brain age; and,
4)  Tracks the progression and development of participants.

Brainercize Online and Brainercize Online Mobile allow participants to continue group interaction regardless of where they are; whether on a train, at home, sitting in a cafe or on a bus or even on their break at work.  All that a person needs is a computer or mobile device and access to the Internet, enabling them to create an online account, log on to Brainercize and choose a game to play, test to take, training session, either to do alone or in conjunction with other players, or participate and interact with other members of the community.

Brainercize has been conceived so that it matters not what platform you are using to connect to the internet.  Allowing users to participate through the use of Facebook applications, cellular phones and mobile devices including, but not limited to, iPhone, Android and Blackberry as well as gaming platforms such as XBox and Sony Play Station III as well as computer based standard operating systems including Windows, Linux and Apple.

Brainercize users, through the spectrum of Dr. Goldberg’s initiatives, will feel that their bodies, minds and brains have been stimulated and trained from the challenging stimuli, training and conditioning offered by Brainercize.