The Making of a Murderer Pt. 7: As of 11 A.M. This Morning…

…Maxim Hoppens has pleaded guilty to the murder of David M. Goldberg and has agreed on a plea bargain of 40 years at hard labor. The judge has accepted this plea, as has the DA’s office, and the family of David.
Thanks to the heavenly Lord above that we have been spared the ordeal and agony of a trial.
Now that this plea has been accepted, I am going to post the write-up of my meeting with Louise, Max’s mother. At the first aborted plea bargain hearing last month, when the judge ruled that the 30-year agreement all parties had made was not sufficient, Louise and I said hello to each other. I think a trial would have killed her. She looked seriously diminished as a human being from when I first saw her, when her defenses were still in place, when she was blaming David for his own murder, and when she was apparently still in denial about both what had happened and what was going to happen next.